Me and My Love!!!!I am a 46 year old woman who just became a widow about 4 months ago after being married for almost 15 years. I am also a Pastor of a Disabilities Ministry, who loves Jesus. I have a very colorful past with more tattoos than I can count.

But some the of the experiences (some by choice and some not) that have helped to shape who I am today, include physical abuse, sexual abuse, partying, tattoos, 12 step recovery, martial arts, music, photography, divorce, marriage, love, and most importantly, Jesus.

But I find myself now in this new season. A season that I did not ask for, I did not plan for, and nor do I enjoy being in. This season, is called, “widowhood” And what I am discovering, is that just like parenthood, there is no manual on what it means “to be a widow” and nor is there any instructions with how to get through it, walk through it, or maybe even just crawl through it. But what I do know, is that I don’t know much.

And so my hope in this blog, is to invite you along this journey with me. I will be sharing about various aspects of my life, which may include any one of the elements listed above, such as the abuse, or what led me into getting so many tattoos, or how 12 step recovery helped get me on the right path and lead me back to Jesus.

But none the less, this will be my story, and my journal, as I take this journey, and stroll through my past, , my thoughts, my experiences, my hopes, my dreams, and my faith, on what it means, and what it looks like, “to be a widow”.



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